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A particle of dust in the universe

A human is an extremely tiny particle of dust in comparison with the universe. Similarly, it means we could be just one pixel in a digital world. Of course, the size of dust depends on the standard of size. Likewise, the size of a pixel is not to be measured physically in digital. One pixel is just one datum. It is still one pixel, even if it has sizes like 5x5mm or 50cm x 50cm. It just appears larger to my eyes.
Then, how can I make one pixel in reality? In the beginning of the research period, I made a shark by using many 1cm square pieces per pixel, although these 1cm squares are one of the standardisations made by humans. After this, I have made something by using many 5mm square pieces. As for the pixel image, it needs minimum pixels to become distinguished. For instance, to distinguish an image of a person, a minimum of twenty pixels in height is needed for it to be recognised by the human eye. In addition, letters of the alphabet should be a minimum of five pixels in height.
Using this minimum number of pixels, the size of the work is not important to create this distinction. If that is the case, then what if I make a huge work with a minimum of pixels? What is the difference between a mosaic made by small pixels and a mosaic made by big pixels? Initially, I made the policeman with a lot of pixels to depict it in great detail. After that, I made a man by using a minimum of pixels whose shape can be distinguished by the human eye. When you observe that at close range, you cannot know for sure, like an abstract painting. On the other hand, you are able to distinguish clearly the shape of people at a distance.
Through this, I have tried to demonstrate the visualisation of faded memory. I have used pixels with low resolution in the eternal digital world to illustrate a faded memory as if the memory of the human in reality is getting more faded as time goes by. In other words, the more time goes on, the more memory fades away and becoming a faded memory is like having a low resolution in digital.
Such attempts made me develop to create a new representation. These works were such an ambiguous boundary whether it is an abstract print or representational print. This also demolished the restrictions on the size and the frame.

Such attempts made me enhance for new representation. These works were so an ambiguous boundary whether it is an abstract print or representational print. This also demolished the restrictions on the size and the frame.

For example, I made three hundred people and I hung up those on the notice board side by side. Then I randomly placed 300 people in, so the space between people also became artwork. Through this arrangement of people, the size of my work was flexible according to the space.

Anonymous without the background 

I have tried to express these people as a mosaic. I had to make a decision with respect to the background in order to produce a mosaic work. Eventually, I chose a different way to prevent it being a typical mosaic art or pixel art. That was to erase the background.
This attempt was inspired from a film, called Dogville . I tried to represent people in the absence of a background such as actors acting as if there is a building, where there are not any buildings. Likewise, I was inspired by a picture which is about destroyed buildings by military conflict.

  1. 2017 13.Cotton flowers outdoors

  2. 2017 12.Cotton flowers indoors

  3. 2017 11.Cotton flowers indoors

  4. 2017 10.Cotton flowers indoors

  5. 2017 09.Cotton flowers indoors

  6. 2017 08.Seeds In Order

  7. 2017 07.Harvested Cotton Wool

  8. 2017 06.Circle of Life

  9. 2017 05.When I was a flower

  10. 2017 04.When I was a flower

  11. 2017 03.When I was a flower

  12. 2017 02.When I was a flower

  13. 2017 01.When I was a flower

  14. 2017 00.A particle of dust in the universe

  15. 2017 00.A particle of dust

  16. 2017 0.Ceremony of Pilgrimage for the revival of etching

  17. 2016 22.Studio View

  18. 2016 21.Scarecrow

  19. 2016 20. An Incubator For Cotton Flowers

  20. 2016 19. 디자인정글 리뷰

  21. 2016 18. 전시 리뷰

  22. 2016 16. The Dual Mirrors Reflection Device Of Light

  23. 2016 15. Weeds

  24. 2016 14. Scarecrow

  25. 2016 13. An Incubator For Cotton Flowers

  26. 2016 12. Shyness

  27. 2016 11. An Array of Pots VI

  28. 2016 10. An Array of Pots V

  29. 2016 09. An Array of Pots IV

  30. 2016 08. An Array of Pots III

  31. 2016 07. An Array of Pots II

  32. 2016 06. An Array of Pots I

  33. 2016 05. An Incubator For Seedlings on Pots

  34. 2016 04. Self Watering

  35. 2016 03. An Incubator For Seedlings

  36. 2016 02. Seeds In Order

  37. 2016 01. Self Lighting

  38. 2016 00. 전시 프리뷰

  39. 2016 00. 엽서 (Post Card)

  40. 2015 Walking People 3

  41. 2015 Walking People 2

  42. 2015 walking people

  43. 2015 Save me

  44. 2015 Read me

  45. 2015 Memories of the Lost Giant

  46. 2015 Flush me

  47. 2015 5.Show me

  48. 2015 5.Remember me

  49. 2015 5.Drink me

  50. 2015 4.Light me

  51. 2015 3.Eat me

  52. 2015 2.Age me

  53. 2015 1.Find me

  54. 2015 - Statement -

  55. 2015 - References -

  56. 2014 Write me

  57. 2014 The Taxidermy of the Memory

  58. 2014 The big bang

  59. 2014 Somewhere

  60. 2014 People I Know

  61. 2014 I am...

  62. 2014 A policeman vs 100 people

  63. 2014 A particle of dust 2

  64. 2014 A particle of dust 1

  65. 2014 - References -

  66. 2013 Wondersea

  67. 2013 A simplification

  68. 2012 The universe 3

  69. 2012 The universe 2

  70. 2012 The universe 1

  71. 2010 Walking in the mist

  72. 2010 - Statement -

  73. 2010 - References -

  74. 2009 somewhere

  75. 2009 Nowhere

  76. 2009 Living in New york

  77. 2008 Universal Rules

  78. 2008 Multiple

  79. 2007 Overflow

  80. 2006 Overflow

  81. - CV -

  82. - Contact -

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